Washington Bankruptcy Exemptions, Laws, and Resources

Homestead Exemptions - $125,000 for land, mobile homes, and improvements; $15,000 for other personal property used as homestead.

Homestead Code - Wash. Rev. Code §6.13.030

Wages Exemptions - 75% of earnings or 30 times federal minimum wage per week, whichever is greater

Wages Code - Wash. Rev. Code §6.27.150

Motor Vehicles Exemptions - $3,250 for any one motor vehicle ($6,500 for more than one vehicle for married couples).

MV Code Exemptions - Wash. Rev. Code §6.15.010

Other Property Exemptions - $3,500 in clothing; $3,500 in books; household goods, appliances, furniture, and home and yard equipment, not to exceed $6,500 for an individual or $13,000 for a couple; other personal property not to exceed $3,000 in value, of which not more than $1,500 in value may consist of cash, and $200 in bank accounts, savings and loan accounts, stocks, bonds, or other securities.

Other Property Code - Wash. Rev. Code §6.15.010

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