New Hampshire Bankruptcy Exemptions

AssetsExemptionState Statutes
Homestead Real property or manufactured housing (and the land it is on if you own it) to $100,000. 480:1
Insurance Firefighters’ aid insurance. 402:69
Fraternal benefit society benefits. 418:17
Homeowners’ insurance proceeds to $5,000. 512:21 (VIII)
Life insurance proceeds, but not cash value. 408:1 408:2 171 B.R. 710 (Bkrtcy D. N.H. 1994)
Misc. Jury, witness fees. 512:21 (VI)
Property of business partnership. 304-A:25
Wages of minor child. 512:21 (III)
Pensions Federally created pension (only benefits building up). 512:21 (IV)
Firefighters. 102:23
Police officers. 103:18
Personal Property 1 cow, 6 sheep & their fleece, 4 tons of hay. 511:2 (XI);(XII)
1 hog or pig or its meat (if slaughtered). 511:2 (x)
Beds, bedding, and cooking utensils. 511:2 (II)
Bibles and other books to $800. 511:2 (VIII)
Burial plot, lot. 511:2 (XV)
Church pew. 511:2 (XIV)
Clothing. 511:2 (I)
Cooking and heating stoves, refrigerator. 511:2 (IV)
Deposits in any account designated a Payroll Account. 512:21 (XI)
Domestic fowl to $300. 511:2 (XIII)
Food and fuel to $400. 511:2 (VI)
Furniture to $3,500. 511:2 (III)
Jewelry to $500. 511:2 (XVII)
Motor vehicle to $4,000. 511:2 (XVI)
Proceeds for lost or destroyed exempt property. 512:21 (VIII)
Sewing machine. 511:2 (V)
Public Benefits Aid to blind, aged, disabled; public assistance. 167:25
Unemployment compensation. 281-A:52:159
Workers’ compensation. 281-A:52
Tools of Your Trade Tools of your occupation to $5,000. 511:2 (IX)
Uniforms, arms, & equipment of military member. 511:2 (VII)
Yoke of oxen or horse needed for farming or teaming. 511:2 (XII)
Wages 50 times the federal minimum hourly wage per week. 512:21 (II)
Earned but unpaid wages of spouse. 512:21 (III)
Wildcard $1,000 of any property. 511:2 (XVIII)
Unused portion of bibles & books, food & fuel, furniture, jewelry, motor vehicle, and tools of trade exemptions to $7,000. 511:2 (XVIII)

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