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Georgia Bankruptcy Exemptions

UPDATED: March 9, 2020

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Federal bankruptcy exemptions available? NO

The references to Georgia statutes are to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.


Resources: United States Bankruptcy Court, Middle District of Georgia

United States Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Georgia

United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Georgia

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Georgia Bankruptcy Exemptions
Assets Exemption State Statute
Homestead Real or personal property used as a residence by the debtor or debtor's dependent, including a cooperative: up to $21,500 for a single person; up to $43,000 for a married person, whether or not the spouse is also filing for bankruptcy. 44-13-100(a)(1);
Unused portion of homestead exemption can be used for any property. 44-13-100(a)(6)
Insurance Benefits from a fraternal benefit society: all. 33-15-62
Life insurance proceeds/avails: all. 33-25-11; 33-26-5
Benefits from annuity or endowment contract: all. 33-28-7
Heath and disability benefits: up to $250 per month. 33-29-15
Group insurance: all. 33-30-10
Life insurance contract (unmatured): all. 44-13-100(a)(8)
Life insurance (unmatured) dividends/interest/loan value/cash value: up to $2,000 if the beneficiary is the debtor or someone the debtor depends on. 44-13-100(a)(9)
Life insurance policy proceeds: all necessary for support if the policy is owned by someone the debtor depends on for support. 44-13-100(a)(11)(C)
Miscellaneous Child support and alimony: all necessary for support. 44-13-100(a)(2)(D)
Pensions Federal pensions exemptions.
IRAs and ERISA-qualified benefits: all. 18-4-22
Other pensions: all necessary for support. 18-4-22; 44-13-100(a)(2)(E); 44-13-100(a)(2.1)(C)
Payments for IRA: all necessary for support. 44-13-100(a)(2)(F)
Public employee pensions: all. 44-13-100(a)(2.1)(A); 47-2-332
Pensions for employees of nonprofit corporations: all. 44-13-100(a)(2.1)(B)
Personal Property Burial plots for debtor and dependents: up to unused homestead exemption. 44-13-100(a)(1)
Motor vehicles: up to $5,000. 44-13-100(a)(3)
Household goods, appliances, furnishings, musical instruments, books, clothing, animals, and crops: up to $300 per item; up to $5,000 total. 44-13-100(a)(4)
Jewelry: up to $500. 44-13-100(a)(5)
Health aids: all professionally prescribed for the debtor and the debtor's dependents. 44-13-100(a)(10)
Recoveries for wrongful death: all necessary for support. 44-13-100(a)(11)(B)
Recoveries for personal injury: up to $10,000. 44-13-100(a)(11)(D)
Lost future earnings compensation. 44-13-100(a)(11)(E)
Public Benefits Workers' compensation benefits: all. 34-9-84
Local public assistance benefits: all. 44-13-100(a)(2)(A)
Social Security benefits: all. 44-13-100(a)(2)(A)
Unemployment compensation benefits: all. 44-13-100(a)(2)(A)
Veterans' benefits: all. 44-13-100(a)(2)(B)
Crime victims' compensation benefits: all. 44-13-100(a)(11)(A)
Old age assistance benefits: all. 49-4-35
Aid to blind benefits: all. 49-4-58
Aid to disabled benefits: all. 49-4-84
Tools of Your Trade Tools of trade, including tools, implements, and books: up to $1,500. 44-13-100(a)(7)
Wages   18-4-20; 18-4-21
Wildcard Any property: up to $600. 44-13-100(a)(6)
Any property: unused homestead exemption up to $5,000. 44-13-100(a)(6)

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