District of Columbia Bankruptcy Exemptions

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Though not included in the District of Columbia statutory homestead exemption, a court has held that property owned by a married couple as a tenancy by the entirety is exempt if only one spouse owes the debt.

The references to District of Columbia statutes are to the District of Columbia Code.


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DC Bankruptcy Exemptions
Assets Exemption State Statute
Homestead Residence of debtor or debtor’s dependents: all. 15-501(a)(14)
Insurance Life insurance contract (unmatured) other than credit life insurance: all. 15-501(a)(5)
Disability benefits: all. 15-501(a)(7); 31-4716.01
Life insurance payments: all. 15-501(a)(11)
Other insurance proceeds: up to $200 per month for a maximum of 2 months for the person providing the principal support for a family; up to $60 a month for 2 months for all others. 15-503
Life insurance proceeds or avails: all. 31-4716
Group life insurance policy/proceeds: all. 31-4717
Life insurance proceeds: all if policy has a clause prohibiting the proceeds from being used to pay the creditors of the beneficiary. 31-4719
Benefits from a fraternal benefit society: all. 31-5315
Miscellaneous Child support and alimony payments: all. 15-501(a)(7)
Pensions Federal pension exemptions.
Judge pensions: all. 11-1570(f)
Stock bonuses, annuity payments, pensions payments, and profit-sharing plans: all. 15-501(a)(7)
IRA’s, Keoghs, and other ERISA-qualified benefits: up to maximum tax-deductible contribution. 15-501(a)(9)
Public school teacher pensions: all. 38-2001.17; 38-2021.17
Personal Property Motor vehicle: up to $2,575. 15-501(a)(1)
Household furnishings, appliances, musical instruments, books, clothing, and pets: up to $425 for each item and $8,625 total. 15-501(a)(2)
Professionally prescribed health aids. 15-501(a)(6)
Family pictures: all. 15-501(a)(8)
Family library: up to $400. 15-501(a)(8)
Recovery for loss, including pain and suffering of the debtor or someone the debtor depends upon: all. 15-501(a)(11)
Recovery for wrongful death: all. 15-501(a)(11); 16-2703
Food: enough to last 3 months. 15-501(a)(12)
Holdings in cooperative association: up to $500. 29-928
Deposit for a residential condominium: all. 42-1904.09
Burial and cemetery funds: all. 43-111
Savings account for higher education: all. 47-4510
Public Benefits General assistance: all. 4-215.01
Blind, aged, or disabled aid: all. 4-215.01
Crime victim's compensation benefits: all. 4-507(e); 15-501(a)(11)
Social Security benefits: all. 15-501(a)(7)
Veterans' benefits: all. 15-501(a)(7)
Workers' compensation benefits: all. 32-1517
Unemployment compensation benefits: all. 51-118
Tools of Your Trade Seal and documents of notary public: all. 1-1206
Tools needed for trade or business: up to $1,625. 15-501(a)(4)
Furniture, tools, and library of artist or professional: up to $300. 15-501(a)(13)
Tools of mechanic: up to $200. 15-503(b)
Wages Recovery for loss of future earnings: all. 15-501(a)(11)(E)
Earnings other than wages, such as pensions and retirement funds: up to $200 per month for head of family; up to $60 per month for 2 months for those not head of family. 15-503
Wages earned but not yet paid: at least 75% of wages and pension payments. The bankruptcy judge may allow a larger percentage for low-income debtors. 16-572
Wildcard Any property: up to $850. 15-501(a)(3)
Any property: up to $8,075 of unused homestead exemption. 15-501(a)(3)