Arizona Bankruptcy Exemptions

Federal bankruptcy exemptions available? NO

The references to Arizona statutes are to the Arizona Revised Statutes.


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Arizona Bankruptcy Exemptions
Assets Exemption State Statute
Homestead Equity in real property, an apartment, condo, coop,or a mobile home: up to $150,000 for a single person or married couple. The same amount of the proceeds from the sale of a residence is exempt for up to 18 months after the sale of a homestead or until a new home is purchased, whichever happens first. 33-1101A
If there are multiple parcels that might be claimed as a homestead, the debtor can record a homestead declaration to identify which parcel is the homestead 33-1102
Insurance Benefits from a fraternal benefit society: all. 20-877
Insurance policy or annuity contract cash value/proceeds: all if the policy has been owned for 2 years and the beneficiary is a dependent member of the debtor’s family. 20-1131(D); 33-1126(A)(6)
Group life insurance policy/proceeds: all. 20-1132
Insurance proceeds: up to $20,000 if the beneficiary is the debtor' child or spouse. 33-1126(A)(1)
Disability, health, or accident benefits: all. 33-1126(A)(4)
Miscellaneous Earnings of a minor child: all, unless the debt was incurred for the benefit of the child. 33-1126(A)(2)
Alimony and child support: all necessary for support. 33-1126(A)(3)
Pensions Federal pension exemptions.
Police officer pensions: all. 9-931
Firefighter pensions: all. 9-968
Board of regents or faculty or administrative officer under that board’s jurisdiction pensions: all. 15-1628(1)
ERISA-qualified benefits: all deposited more than 120 days before filing for bankruptcy. 33-1126(B)
IRAs and Roth IRAs: all. 33-1126(B)
State employee retirement and disability benefits: all. 38-792; 38-797.11
Ranger pensions: all. 41-955
District employee pensions: all. 48-227
Personal Property Recovery for wrongful death: all. 12-592
Funeral deposits: up to $5,000 for a single person 32-1391.05(4)
Household furnishings, furniture, consumer electronic devices, appliances: up to $6,000. 33-1123
Fuel and food: enough to last six months. 33-1124
Personal property consisting of a family Bible, bicycle, sewing machine, typewriter, computer  burial plot: up to $1,000. 33-1125
Books: up to $250 for a single person. 33-1125
Clothing: up to $500. 33-1125
Wedding and engagement rings: up to $2,000. 33-1125
All firearms: up to $2,000. 33-1125
Watch: up to $250. 33-1125
Horses, milk cows, and poultry: up to $1000. 33-1125
Musical instruments: up to $400. 33-1125
Domestic animals or pets: all. 33-1125
Motor vehicle: up to $6,000. The exemption is doubled for a disabled person. 33-1125(8)
Professionally prescribed prostheses for the debtor or a dependent of the debtor, including a wheelchair. 33-1125(9)
Proceeds from the sale or loss of exempt property: all. 33-1126(A)(5), (8)
Bank account: up to $300 in single account. 33-1126(A)(9)
Housing deposits of renters (rent and security deposits): up to $2,000. 33-1126(C)
Public Benefits Unemployment compensation benefits: all. 23-783(A)
Worker’s compensation benefits: all. 23-1068(B)
Welfare benefits: all. 46-208
Tools of Your Trade For a teacher: all library, philosophical, and chemical or other apparatus used in teaching. 33-1127
Tools, equipment, instruments, and books: up to $5,000. 33-1130(1)
Farm machinery, utensils, seeds, instruments of husbandry, feed, grain, and animals: up to $2,500. 33-1130(2)
Arms, uniforms, and accoutrements of any profession or office that are required by law: all. 33-1130(3)
Wages Wages earned but not yet paid: lesser of 75% of disposable earnings or 30 times the federal minimum hourly rate, up to 50% of wages for support orders.  33-1131
Wildcard No exemption.